- NEWS -

still working on new tracks. some are ready for a new release, some aren't. of course, we made a remix of another song from the best band of northern germany:
naomi sample and the go go ghosts. the remix is available on their bandcamp-site.

Yeah, again!! cart life earned the seumas mcnally award for best independent game at the 2013 independent games festival. Congratulations!!!

news again! on f.0x2501.org there is an interview with us. also available in french. thx a lot!

yeah!! richard hofmeier's great game cart life has been nominated at the 2013 independent games festival. the game features chiptune music by several artists like lo-bat, mat64, stu and ourselves. watch the trailer in the video section and download the game.

there's a video using our information remix. yes, it's the absolutely fabulous naomi sample and the go go ghosts. check it out:

due to growing discomfort concerning facebook, we decided to delete our account there. news and live-dates will be shown on this site. for contact use good old e-mail below.
on youtube a nice tribute clip appeared, check it out in the videos section

finally a new track, enjoy atomic.



- POCKETMASTER PLAYER - (full album downloads in the release section)

check out our live-set at the maximum overdose 8 demoparty in luebeck!!



- LIVE -

no gigs at the moment. we're working hard on new tracks.
for contact:
emigliolaser@bluewin.ch or cube-c@bluewin.ch


08.09.12 - café irrlicht, schopfeim DE
12.03.11 - bikini-test, la chaux-de-fonds CH
12.02.11 - gisi, winterthur CH
05.02.11 - ballonfabrik, augsburg DE
30.09.10 - esf 2010, eth hönggerberg, zürich CH
14.08.10 - openair bambole, winterthur CH - pics -
13.08.10 - rockfact, muenchenstein CH
10.07.10 - café irrlicht, schopfeim DE
21.05.10 - nachtschichtbar, lenzburg - pics -
08.05.10 - gaswerk, winterthur
27.03.10 - bscene, nt*/areal, basel CH
20.03.10 - ventil, baden
13.03.10 - funambolo, basel
06.02.10 - küche 187, wittenberg DE
05.02.10 - club der republik, dresden DE
21.11.09 - biomill, laufen
23.10.09 - freiburg i. br. DE
24.10.09 - e9, basel
02.10.09 - sudhaus, basel
22.08.09 - jkf, basel
04.09.09 - spitzen openair, liesberg
05.09.09 - denk mal, bern
03.07.09 - festen Party, la mecanique ondulatoire, paris
09.05.09 - sturmglocke, hannover
14.03.09 - sommercasino, basel
28.02.09 - virgin club, pforzheim
02.08.08 - open air bucheron, bern
14.06.08 - hellraiser, leipzig
07.06.08 - klub kamikaze, freiburg i. br.
10.05.08 - asta wohnzimmer, lueneburg
18.04.08 - 8-bit SID emulator workshop, dynamo, zuerich
22.02.08 - oxyron party, flensburg -pics
24.11.07 - vernissage regionale8, kunsthaus baselland, muttenz
19.10.07 - die moderne welt/naomi sample... split 7"-release party, hannover
06.10.07 - 8-bit, K25, leipzig
21.09.07 - c-prayer festival, milano
31.08.07 - jugendkulturfestival 2007, basel - pics -
28.07.07 - obernAir 2007, obernhausen
20.07.07 - la fata sull'adda, cornate d'adda - pics -
18.07.07 - vicolo bolognetti, bologna
25.05.07 - maximum overdose, luebeck - pics -
30.03.07 - hirscheneck @ bscene festival, basel - pics -
17.02.07 - silke arp bricht, hannover
02.02.07 - klub kamikaze, freiburg
18.01.07 - microparty@helsinki klub, zuerich
16.12.06 - drifters, freiburg
25.11.06 - merkker, baden
17.11.06 - microparty@wagenmeister, basel
28.10.06 - asta-wohnzimmer, lueneburg
13.10.06 - effenaar, eindhoven
12.10.06 - studio80, amsterdam
15.07.06 - metschgplatsch, lenzburg
19.05.06 - electroschock, das-z freiburg
15.04.06 - le mortal kombat, ruedigerstrasse 1 zuerich
18.02.06 - der heimcomputer, labitzke zuerich
14.01.06 - unreal festival, uni basel
12.11.05 - kurzfilmtage winterthur
17.09.05 - micromusic party, wagenmeister basel




CD 2010

dr. sleepgood2
ninja maggots
wrong calibration
it-crowd rmx
play the game
information rmx (original by naomi sample)
die uhr rmx (original by naomi sample)
epilog stu rmx


tin guerilla EP
mini-EP 2008

urban ratz
ninja maggots
talking heads
joggers in the park
+ hidden track... somewhere..


lsdj-files all tracks
lsdj-files single tracks

8 CHF (5 EURO) + shipping to purchase, please send a email to emiglio laser at bluewin.ch

CD 2006

kinder der nacht
infected feat. stu
come to nothing
dr. sleepgood
robot world
what the hell is freedom




what the hell is freedom
come to nothing
robot world
+ bonus track

5 CHF (3 EURO) + shipping to purchase, please send a email to cube-c at bluewin.ch

what the hell is freedom
mini-ep 2005


online releases

"wrong calibration" on "8-bit to the floor" at kittenrock

"dr. sleepgood 2" on www.micromusic.net

"dr. sleepgood" on www.micromusic.net

Chip O'Lantern compilation. Special halloween release
mp3 compilation www.gainlad.com

rock the plastic like a man (manchild abortive ep)
mp3 compilation www.toilville.com

"robot world" on www.micromusic.net

chipolitiks Vol. 1: 1984, mp3 compilation
TOIL001 - www.toilville.com




  emiglio laser   cube-c

pocketmaster is a lowtech music project using old computer/handheld sound chips and samples taken from various sources like movies and old electronic toys.

equipment in use:

- LSDJ (programmed by J. Kotlinski) running on phat old gameboy classic - Midibox SID, a great SID-Synth designed by T. Klose (watch his site and solder it yourself!) - moog slim phatty - moog minitaur - arturia minibrute - dave smith instruments prophet '08 - YM2149 synth - Nintendo Game&Watch bleeps and other electronic toys

get further information in an interview on f.0x2501.org. also available in french.




micromusic related

da ! heard it records
dropdabomb booking
micromusic.net low-tech music for high-tech people


designbutik - 50s, 60s and 70s
thomas hauri - artist from basel
walterderungs - artist from basel
pippa - publisher in paris




Creative Commons License





for booking or any other matter contact:

emigliolaser@bluewin.ch, cube-c@bluewin.ch or dropdabomb booking





a fabulous game called
"cart life" featuring our music has been released by richard hofmaier. watch a cool trailer on youtube. DOWNLOAD GAME HERE!

yeah! another cool review of the residue album. look here!

yeah! finally the new album is out on da ! heard it records, download it there for free, or order the cd for full low-tech quality sound. very special thanks to johan, marine à paris, nazzilla for cover, naomi sample and his go go ghosts for their music and finally stu for his superb remix! enjoy the new stuff!!

in the release section, there is tin guerilla EP and pocketmaster CD free for download aswell!

it was a great show at the JKF, thx for support! we're working hard on new songs. for booking you can now also contact www.dropdabomb.org . great site, by the way!

Vote for us at JKF - Jugendkulturfestival, Basel It would be great to perform again at this nice festival!

the last songs are finally released as a mini-EP! watch the release section! prelisten @ myspace.
all songs are made using only one gameboy classic running lsdj, drums are spiced up a bit. get the original gameboy-tracks for free as *.sav-files for gb-transferer here or as single tracks here. the tracks are best on lsdj v3.1.5. other versions may sound very different as i tried.

we're back from a show in hannover for the "die moderne welt/naomi sample... split 7"-release party". it was definitely great and unforgetable! buy that shit at the microshop of micromusic.net! or even better: watch them live!

new tracks are on their way... get an impression @ myspace. a video from our last gig in lueneburg appeared on youtube. thx for having such a great time at asta-wohnzimmer!!!

dr sleepgood is now released on micromusic.net . new gigs are confirmed, check out the live-section!

new song here! check it out! live dates for autumn and winter begin to rise. we hope for more gigs in germany around in november and december. new also the pics from cornate d'adda. it was a great party even though we found out, that we definitively have to fix our glasses, we lose them at every gig.

this site is finally updated. there's a bootleg in the music section from our last gig in lübeck (pics are here). thx to maximum overdose 8 for a great weekend (and lots of beer)!
the links section is also updated. micromusic basel hq is on myspace now, check it out!

the CD only sold at our live gigs now finally for sale here. two new tracks online, check it out! further live dates coming soon. we're working on new tracks, stay tuned!

17.11 Microparty / basel_hq opening!!
There is a new micromusic basel_hq site online (thx to stu and schmx). This site will inform you about hot micro-eventz in basel and more...

new track!

new layout, new track. check the music section. stay tuned for more releases...

cube-c and emiglio laser live: electroschock, Fr. 19.05 das-z, freiburg-D

cube-c and emiglio laser live: le mortal kombat, Saturday 15.04, ruedigerstrasse 1 zuerich - FLYER

Unreal festival 13.1. + 14.1. baselWie geil ist das denn? This saturday: cube-c and emiglio laser live with other cool artists.

we play live at the kurzfilmtage in winterthur this saturday 12.11. The complete chip o'lantern compilation is now online: 2 discs with 22 creepy chiptune influenced tracks! Many thanks to Ignacio! Get this killer release at gainlad .

New track online! Check the music section. There is a movie from the microparty and also pics here and here ! Thx to crosis, drop da bomb crew and Ibrahim !

micromusic basel 1 year anniversary party cube-c and emiglio laser go live! 17.9.05 at wagenmeister basel. start 21:00, together with crosis. djs rewind, re?mo and stj stu are also in da house.flyer